February 16, 2018

Know Your Essential Fats

We are living in a world where powerful marketing campaigns seem to have the power to over ride scientific facts. That is of course unless you […]
February 21, 2017

OVER 40 – FAT and FED UP!

The title of my blog today represents one of the most typical demographic of client that I coach. She is over 40, may or may not […]
May 10, 2016

Ancestral Karma: Your Epigenomic Legacy

Getting to the root of a problem….. As someone who has been studying the human body, movement, exercise nutrition and health for almost 30 years now […]
January 25, 2016

7 Habits for Highly Effective Fat Loss

We are bombarded daily in this information age with new diets, new exercise routines and new ways to tackle excess body fat. But as the saying […]
January 14, 2016

The Pitfalls of Paleo

Sorry folks! It’s been a while since my last post. I have a good excuse. I was busy getting the finishing details for my book release […]
January 14, 2016

The Top 10 Mistakes in The Fat Loss Game

1.Fat Loss Versus Weight-loss   Most people don’t realise that what they are actually trying to lose is fat not weight per say. Losing weight is […]
January 14, 2016

The Pitfalls of Low Fat Dieting

Its quiet amazing that in spite of lots of evidence to the contrary many people still think that eating low fat will help ensure dietary success. […]
January 13, 2016

The Fat of The Land

Back in the 80s somebody somewhere decided that removing as much fat from your diet as possible was a great idea to lose weight! I mean […]
January 13, 2016

The 7 Deadly sins of Dieting

I am going to talk today of the 7 deadly sins that dieters and people in pursuit of their dream physique make time and time again. […]
January 13, 2016

The 6 Pathways of Accelerated Aging

    We are all aging. That’s a given in this reality. But what if you were unwittingly speeding up the process? Would you do something […]