Beginners Home Weight Training Program # 2
September 10, 2016
Beginner Whole Body Gym Based Program #1
September 14, 2016
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Beginners Home Weight Training Program #1


This is a home based program to help you strengthen and shape your whole body. With almost 30 years of experience teaching exercise and training , national Gold medals in Olympic lifting  and Springboard Diving, Clare has the skill and experience to guide you through each exercise. She focuses on excellent technique so you get the best results possible. Find Your Inner Athlete today!

This is a home based weight training program that will allow anyone get started sculpting their body using some basic equipment. You will need a Mat, Swiss Ball, Exercise Bands and a set of Adjustable Dumbbells.

You get an instantly downloadable program (EXCEL ) with the exercises in picture format, descriptions of each exercise, reps , sets, tempo and rest intervals. You get a sheet to record your weight lifted and the reps you did.

You get a separate word document containing a list of each exercise by name.

You get access to a Membership site for 8 weeks.

You then learn how to do each exercise from the Video Tutorials on this Membership site. This is more than Clare just demonstrating the exercise! Clare  discusses key technical aspects, shows you what to avoid and explains how to progress the exercise where appropriate. Clare expertly guides you toward flawless technique that gives best results. You will have access to the video tutorials for a full 8 weeks to make sure you have really mastered each exercise.

Your package includes some extra educational material:

#1 How to follow your program.

What do all those numbers and boxes mean? Clares video takes you through how to follow your printed program while understanding the meaning of sets, reps , tempo and rest intervals. You will be able to follow your program with confidence after this video.

# 2 The Science of Tempo

In this short video Clare explains the very important training principle that is tempo. You will get better body tone using tempo training as the muscle is under tension for longer and your contractions are more mentally focused.


Bonus Material:

Dynamic warm up

In this short video Clare shows you how to warm up your body dynamically . She takes you through multiple muscles and joints and preps you in a way that still maintains maximum body strength. You will be raring to go after this one!


Disclaimer: Remember not all exercises or styles of training are suitable for everyone. If you are unsure about your suitability for this or any other training program contact your Medical Doctor or Physiotherapist to discuss suitability.