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January 12, 2016
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January 13, 2016
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Biomechanical Assessment


Clare offers two types of Biomechanical Assessment.

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Clare offers two types of Biomechanical Assessment:

Basic Biomechanical Assessment

Assesses body composition, weight, girth measurements and posture. Recommended for those who are injury free and have no history of any back problems or joint injuries or pain. The test is 1 hour long.


Comprehensive Biomechanical Assessment

Recommended for persons new to training or those with any musculoskeletal pain, back, shoulder/neck, knee, hip issues and injury. This test is 2.5 hours long and includes assessment of: Posture, Flexibility, Pelvic Alignment, Head Carriage, Spinal Curvature,  Spinal motion,  Muscle balance and Muscle weakness.


If you’re not sure which test is for you please email me at


Biomechanical Assessment Type

Basic, Comprehensive