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June 14, 2016
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The Downward Current

Chinese medicine has a lot to offer in terms of looking at health generation in alternative ways. Western science is largely dominated by a focus on Biochemistry. That’s great if you wish to work on target specific drug therapy or hormone replacement therapy or identifying nutrient deficiencies via lab testing.
Western medicine basically looks at the effect or the end result of what shows up in the body when it’s out of balance.

If we step back a little and take more of a quantum view of the Body we realise that the body is an electromagnetic entity. It is simply energy. All ill health essentially starts out as a disturbance in the energy field (the electromagnetic field) of the human body.

“You’re not going to have health, if you don’t have health in the electromagnetic field because this is the source. Biochemistry never gives you source”
Dr Valerie Hunt, PhD Physics

In today’s blog I am going to look at the Chinese medicine view of the Body’s energy field at a very basic level. In Chinese Medicine the Body has two primary energy currents. One current flows up towards the heavens (the upward current) and the second current anchors you into your body and into the earth (the downward current). It’s this downward current that I wish to address today and give you some insights on whether your downward current is as healthy and balanced as it could be.

Achieving Homeostasis

If the upward and downward energy currents are not kept in harmony the body will fall out of homeostasis (balance). The body strives to maintain multiple homeostatic controls:
Autonomic Nervous system balance
Steroidal hormone balance
Neurotransmitter balance
Electrolyte/Fluid Balance
Acid /Alkaline Balance and more!

The Mother of all of these homeostatic controls is a balancing the upward and downward current.

Signs of deficiency in the Downward Current:

Panic attacks
Feeling restless
Attention deficit
Obesity , especially around the belly area.
Low sex drive
Cravings for sugar, alcohol and “junk” foods
A racing mind
Difficulty falling asleep at night
Feeling tired but wired
Chronic muscle tension
Tightness and stress in shoulder girdle and upper back                                                                                                  Problems with Feet, Knees and Hips.
Getting more anxious from meditation techniques (meditation sends the energy current upwards to your third eye, activating the frontal lobe of the brain, and the spiritual realm).

In the book “Cracking the Mind/ Body Code” I show people how to re-establish the downward current using multiple techniques and approaches.

Many Chi Gung Masters recommend that their students spend 4 times the amount of practice working on the downward current of energy, so for every 2 hours of meditation you would be doing 8 hours of grounding those energies downward into your body and into the Earth.
There is a popular saying in many schools of energy medicine:

“You have got to Descend before you Ascend”

Establishing and fortifying your downward current could be one of THE most important elements of your health and Healing Journey.


For more information on Personal training, Online training and Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching just click on the links. Distance Biomechanical assessment is now available as part of my online coaching program. Remember if your body is out of alignment both your upward and downward currents are severely compromised.


Foto Credit: Ludde Lorentz for Unsplash

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