Here are just a few reasons why people choose to hire Clare as their Personal Trainer

Lose Weight and Drop Body Fat

One of the primary reasons people consult with a personal trainer is to lose weight and/or drop body fat. Clare's system is successful because it is based on science. Most approaches to weight loss begin and end with a calorie equation. This is very limited and for most people (95%) it provides only temporary results. To lose weight you must change the way you eat forever! You must change your mindset around food, your hormones need to be brought into line and exercise needs to become part of your weekly regimen. Clare guides you on all fronts and identifies the strategies that work and those that are a waste of time.

Rehabilitation and Back Care

As a specialist in corrective exercise, a leading educator in the Pilates method and as someone who has cured herself from a debilitating back problem that left her out of work for a year Clare is in a very special position to guide those with back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders back to health. The starting point for this process is rigorous assessment and a range of exercise programs that are a fingerprint for what your body needs and is able to tolerate exercise wise right now.

Disease Prevention

You've probably heard the expression “bolting the stable door when the horse has fled”. This is how most people approach health. Symptoms are the final stage of the disease process. Clare educates clients on how to reduce their risk of the leading killers: cancer, heart disease, diabetes with appropriate attention to nutrition, nutrient deficiency, exercise of the right kind, lifestyle modification and detoxification protocols. She also informs her clients on the most appropriate medical tests to get done.

Strength Training

Training to get strong is a very specific skill. It is different to generic training for general fitness. To get strong you need very specific skills in program design that include a knowledge of how to get the body structurally balanced. Over the last 10 years Clare has completed multiple internships with Charles Poliquin who is generally recognised as the most successful strength coach in the world today. To date Clare is the highest ranked PICP female coach in Europe. So if your goal is to get strong for athletic performance or health reasons (your strength is the number 2 predictor of your lifespan) Clare can help you. As a national record holder in Olympic Lifting, Clare's practical experience is also invaluable bonus.


If you are already in shape and want to take your body to the next level Clare's knowledge on program design, individualised supplementation and hormonal profiling can take you to the next level. Clare also coaches on the mental and emotional aspects of pushing your body out of the comfort zone. Her techniques are for the drug free bodybuilder who wishes to maximise his or her potential in ways that are harmonious with mind, body and spirit.