Terms and Conditions

Quantum Fitness/Clare Rooney

Terms and Conditions

  1. The client agrees to supply a medical release if deemed necessary after the preliminary questionnaire screening assessment.
  2. At the very onset of training a client is recommended to do a biomechanical assessment.  This means your training plan can be more accurately geared to your unique needs.
  3. Session payments are non-transferable and non-refundable. Should a client be unable to begin or continue training after having paid for a series of sessions the course of training may be deferred for up to one year on medical grounds. In this case a medical cert should be supplied.
  4. Whatever number of sessions a client has committed to ( 1, 2 or 3) it is up to them to show up for all sessions You will not be compensated if you miss a session.
  5. If you are unable to train for an extended period of time ( one week or more) your package can be paused with production of a medical cert. If you don’t produce a cert then you can simply use up your sessions within the allotted time eg you have 10 weeks to use a 10 session package. This may mean you train 2 or 3 times in one week to make up for sessions you missed due to illness.
  6. If you are taking a vacation your package can be paused if you give at least one week of notice  before your vacation.
  7. All training sessions begin and end on the hour (or half hour for express workout).  When a client books a session that specified hour is reserved for them. It is the clients’ responsibility to arrive on time for their scheduled appointment. Sessions will not be extended if a client arrives late.
  8. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel or change a session otherwise the cost must be paid for in full. So if you have booked an appointment for 7am on Wednesday morning and you cannot make it you need to cancel it before 7am on Tuesday morning.
  9. If a client fails to show up for a booked appointment, or forgets an appointment they are liable to pay the full cost of the session. No exceptions.
  10. Quantum fitness will make every effort to facilitate the client. Please simply call at least 24 hours ahead if you need to reschedule.
  11. Quantum fitness while operating under the current safety protocols for training takes no responsibility for loss or damage of items or for accidents during the training period.
  12. The client with his or her signature is in agreement to disclosing some personal data for statistical and analytical purposes. The data cannot be disclosed to a third party without the consent of the client.
  13. A nutrition and lifestyle coach does not diagnose or treat disease. The coach in this case is not a registered dietician or medical practitioner and any advice is never deemed a substitute for medical treatment or advice. The nutrition and lifestyle coaching process educates the client on fundamental nutritional and lifestyle adjustments that act as a basic foundation for health and fitness enhancement.
  14. Quantum fitness reserves the right to discontinue training or coaching a client under the following circumstances; the client is not following training or dietary recommendations, the client is persistently late for sessions or cancels repeatedly, the client does not settle accounts promptly or any other reason that creates an environment that is non conducive to productive and mutually enjoyable training or coaching experience.

To Ensure Your Success Please Read and Comply with the Following:

Session Focus:

During your training session please keep ALL of your focus on the matter at hand i.e. your training. This applies to any Nutrition and Lifestyle Education courses. This is not the time to discuss your personal issues or emotional problems or family and workplace drama. Please keep that out of the studio! This is a time to focus on getting results! If you feel you need extra emotional support because you are going through some tough times mentally or emotionally then please contact the appropriate professional to help you. This would be either a counsellor or therapist. My role is to train you and keep you focused and help you achieve optimum intensity and quality of training.

Time Management

Please note: All sessions start and end on the hour (or half hour for the express workout) if you arrive early please take a seat in the waiting area or get changed if you are not already kitted out. I will be ready for you at the appointed time. If you need to pay for sessions or get supplements, or book the following weeks appointments please do this at the start of the session. This makes it easier for me to structure the timing of the session so that the next clients hour may be fully respected (that includes you) and my personal time can be respected. If you feel you require an extended session to discuss your training progress or you would like additional consultation on nutrition then please book this in advance (at least 1 week ahead):

Consultation on training (every 30 minutes or part thereof)   50€

Nutritional Consultation (every 30 minutes or part thereof) 125€

(You must have completed at least a basic package of Nutritional Coaching with me already to avail of this nutritional consultation option)

Online Clients:

  1. All packages  are non transferable and non refundable.
  2. If you are unable to train due to illness for an extended period of time,( 2 or more weeks) your package may be paused with the production of a medical cert for up to one year.
  3. You are strongly recommended to get medical clearance before beginning any exercise program.
  4. You must fill out your health questionnaire honestly and thoroughly.
  5. If any exercise is causing you difficulty or bringing on pain symptoms stop immediately and contact me at info@clarerooney.com to get  advice on how to modify the exercise or what new exercise may be better for you.
  6. Any advice given to the participant does not constitute medical advice.
  7. The nutrition guide is for information purposes only. It may not be suitable for you as it is a general guide. Individualised programs are available for purchace on the site.
  8. There is a once per week e mail check in service in this plan. Please send your updates or questions on thursday evening or friday morning. If there is a technical problem or emergency issue please contact me immediately.
  9. You must follow your program as prescribed to train safely and effectively.
  10. Prices are subject to chage.
  11. These terms and conditions may be changed or updated. Please check the site for updates.


Getting results from your training requires intensity of focus, consistent commitment to nutrition and lifestyle factors all week not just the working week. As your coach I structure your training and if you undertake the Nutritional training with me I educate you in Nutrition and Lifestyle factors. I identify behaviours YOU can choose to put into place. You and You alone are responsible for your results. If you are getting stuck and have hit a plateau I may suggest certain laboratory tests that may throw some light on why you have stalled. If you decide not to get further tests done that is entirely up to you. With respect to the Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching aspect of my business if I feel you have some severe imbalances that may require medical intervention and are beyond the scope of what nutrition is capable of healing I may provide information of other methods or Doctors who may be able to advise you further. (e.g. referral for chiropractic treatment or referral to a specialist Doctor)  This does not mean I have vetted these individuals personally. It will be up to you to decide who you wish to work with.

Remember, how your body Looks, Feels and Performs is based on a vast array of influences including:

Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual factors.

I work on the Physical and cover some aspects of stress relief techniques in the Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching courses I offer. Persons with a lot of weight to lose usually need to train an hour a day every day.

Persons who are maintaining can manage with 3-4 hours per week if its quality training accompanied with impeccable nutrition and lifestyle.

Persons with biomechanical imbalances need to train 3-4 times a week and may need to stretch daily.

I see most of my clients 1-3 hours a week. What you do in those hours outside of the training I do with you will either enhance your results or totally negate them.

Chronic stress is the number 1 reason that people get out of shape or ill so whatever you do make sure that stress relief, meditation, counselling or some spiritual practice is part of your daily lifestyle. 

I look forward to our work together!

Yours in Health and Strength

Clare Rooney

I hereby declare that I,  undertake responsibility for my participation in this training program and fitness screening and if needs be the nutritional program assigned for me or any supplements recommended to me. I feel healthy and commit myself to honestly and completely fill out the health questionnaire and to provide details regarding any current known illness or condition I am affected with. If I note any sudden changes in my health condition such as nausea, dizziness, pain, a racing heart beat, or similar conditions I will immediately notify my trainer and cease training until further advice is sought. I have carefully read all of the terms and conditions of this document and I am happy to comply with them. I will retain a personal document for my own records.