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January 7, 2016
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Golf Biomechanics Program


Clare is one of Ireland’s uniquely qualified Chek Golf Biomechanics Instructors. Let her expertise improve your game.

Clubs don’t play the game, the golfer does! The only way to achieve lower handicaps is to improve the function of the golfer, the person who actually swings the club. Proper self-conditioning is vital to reach peak performance.  Paul Chek


With the Golf Biomechanics Program you will find out:


  • How tight muscles affect your swing.
  • How these flexibility restrictions can lead to long term injury and or back problems.
  • How weak muscles affect your posture and make it difficult to have consistency in all of your strokes.
  • How an overall increase in body strength can put 30 yards on your drive in as little as 3 months.
  • How an effective sports specific warm up can dramatically enhance your performance.


What the program includes:


  1. Two and a half hours of intensive biomechanical assessment to find out all Flexibility Restrictions, Muscle Weakness, Pelvic Tilt, Spinal Curvature measures and Spinal Motion Tests.
  2. Individually designed finger print program for your flexibility based on your unique test results.
  3. Individually designed finger print program of Corrective Strength based on your unique test results.
  4. Two hours of one to one instruction to learn how to implement your programs.


golf biomechanicsClare is one of Ireland’s uniquely qualified Chek Golf Biomechanics Instructors.

Paul Chek’s method has been praised widely by top professionals in the field:

“I have had the occasion to work with some of the best physical conditioning specialists in the Golf industry today…….I can say without reservation that Paul Chek, his work and contribution in the field of golf is on the cutting edge.”

Bob Cisco, PGA Tour Instructor


Good news! Golf Biomechanics Program can be done in person with Clare or remotely via Skype.